Christmas in Vatican City (Italy – Rome)

Easter is an imperative festival all over Italy, however no place more so than in Rome and the Vatican City, home to the Pope himself. Here is a guide the occasions that occur each year amid Holy Week in The Vatican City and Rome:

“Settimana Santa” – Holy Week

Sacred Week starts on Palm Sunday, one week before Easter. The pope gives an exceptional mass in St Peter’s Square, more often than not at 9:30am.

Sacred Thursday

Sacred Thursday denote the start of the “Triduum,” Latin for “three-day time span.” On the Thursday morning before Easter the Blessing of Holy Oils is held in St Peter’s Basilica, and at night the Triduum authoritatively starts with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Normally held in St Peter’s, amid the administration it is convention for the Pope to wash the feet of 12 Priests to mirror Jesus at the last dinner.

Great Friday and The Stations of the Cross:

On Good Friday an administration is held at St Peter’s Basilica at 5pm, and at night at around 9pm the “By means of Crucis” or “Stations of the Cross” is performed close to the Colosseum. The custom of playing out the 14 stations of the Cross at the Colosseum started in the eighteenth century to respect Christians martyred there. Amid the custom a huge cross is conveyed to each station Pope John Paul II even conveyed it himself until his physical wellbeing no longer allowed – where a dedication is perused and the station of the cross is portrayed in different dialects.

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