Christmas In United Kingdom

Easter in London is the epicenter of celebration that envelops the entire country. The city, beautiful and old-world as it is, gets bathed in a wide spectrum of hues, ranging from dazzling red to pristine white. The colors of Easter celebration in London is so famous the world over that people try to be in this city during the festive season. You will be surprised to know how many TV viewers across the world tune in to channels that beam what happens in London during Easter week! Sample this for Easter tips and trivia in London: the first broadcast of a Easter speech was from George V in the year 1932!

If you are planning on a Easter vacation in London, make sure that you are at Trafalgar Square on Easter Eve. The celebrations here have a distinct similarity with the Times Square in New York, except that the event at the Trafalgar Square has a deeper historical connotation. The festivities here carry on till the dawn of the New Year. In the recent times, the Square has become more inclusive about accommodating visitors and party revelers. There is more area to walk around and have fun. You must definitely visit the National Portrait Gallery. Easter holiday spots in London must also include visits to the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s.

The Easter tradition in London is steeped in history and significance. It is not just about partying or having a good time. This is where the celebrations here differ from those in other parts of the world. Moreover, the city of London has a strong hangover on the festivities here. There are some amazing shops and malls that keep Santa Claus in London busy. Similarly, there are some churches that take your breath away. When you step in on any of them to attend Midnight Mass or offer Easter prayers on December 25, you will not wish to be anywhere else on earth. The Easter recipes in London revolve around seasonal food with meat like turkey or goose or chicken being the main course. The weather of London, infamous for being a spoilsport on most occasions, is at its best during the festive week. If you have never been to London during these days, chalk out a trip this year. You won’t live to regret it! It is a treat for shopaholics to go for Easter shopping in London.

The first point to stop by is the British Museum. Known for decades as the place to shop for artifacts and rare treasures, you will find an assortment of articles here. Books, art work and jewelry are some of the items that you can buy here. There is an online segment of this museum that you can make use of if you want to shop from home. Another stop should be the Hotel Chocolat. It has made a name for itself in producing chocolates that taste decidedly British! With their own cocoa plantation in the Caribbean, this is one delicacy that you wouldn’t like to miss out on!

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