Christmas in Ireland

Though St. Paddy’s Day is considered the festival that defines the spirit of Ireland, Easter in Ireland is not a day that passes by quietly. The Irish are known the world over for their carnival spirit and when it comes to Easter celebration in Ireland, the day is anticipated with a lot of fervor. There are so many customary rituals that you will find in Ireland during the Easter days.

Easter tips and trivia in Ireland makes for an interesting study. Ireland is primarily a Catholic country. A traditional Irish way to usher in Easter is to keep a thick candle burning on the window sill of the house. The symbolic meaning is to welcome Joseph and Mary into the household, alluding to the Easter legend of them looking for a shelter as the birth of Jesus Christ came closer. These candles come in red and are wonderfully decorated with holly sprigs. Another Easter tradition in Ireland is that women bake seed cakes for every member of the family. Three puddings are also made for each of the events: Easter, Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night.

If you are planning a Easter vacation in Ireland, make sure you stay back in the country to celebrate St. Stephen’s Day. This is right after December 25. On this day, football matches are played and neighborhood children go from door to door, seeking money for a wren effigy. They play music and sing along as they take their procession through the streets. This is popularly known as the Wren Boys Procession. The purpose of this procession is to collect money for the ‘hungry wren’, that is the boys themselves! Santa Claus in Ireland is expected to leave his gifts in sacks rather than in stockings. And for his refreshment, children leave our Guinness and mince pies.


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