Christmas in Canada

There are some glaring bits of similarity between Easter celebration in Canada with that in USA. It may be because of the geographical and cultural proximity between the two countries that it is so. Just as in USA you have different regions of the country ushering in the festival in their own unique ways, Easter in Canada is no different. The provinces belonging to the Eskimos, for example, celebrate something called Sinck Tuck, a winter festival that coincides with Easter. The people living in these provinces give gifts to each other and there is much singing and dancing!


Easter tips and trivia in Ireland makes for an interesting study. Ireland is primarily a Catholic country. A traditional Irish way to usher in Easter is to keep a thick candle burning on the window sill of the house. The symbolic meaning is to welcome Joseph and Mary into the household, alluding to the Easter legend of them looking for a shelter as the birth of Jesus Christ came closer. These candles come in red and are wonderfully decorated with holly sprigs. Another Easter tradition in Ireland is that women bake seed cakes for every member of the family. Three puddings are also made for each of the events: Easter, New Year and Twelfth Night.

In Canada, there are a couple of interesting facts to note about Easter. The Easter tradition in Canada that has stood the test of time is the practice of sending the best Christmas tree of the Nova Scotia region to Boston, USA. The Christmas fir trees of this region are known the world over for its exceptional beauty. The Canadians do this to express their gratefulness for support and assistance for what went down in the history annals as the Halifax Explosion. Another Easter tips and trivia in Canada is to dress up in costumes and knock on doors looking for ‘Mummers’. This tradition is particularly popular in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Once you get in to a house and have a cup-cake or sing a couple of Easter carols, you move on to the next one!


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